No matter how the moonlight in the water is torn apart gleaming on the waves, when all comes to a calm, it will still be that same full moon.

still moon-fishing...?

welcome to the site. this place will feature stuff i like talking about, which includes video games, music, oc designing/creating, and certain aspects of media (especially anime-style media).

my links pages isn't up yet but you should still look at these friend websites: 231, 7541326, and zoetroupe.

construction talk

like many other sites, this one will be under construction for the foreseeable future. this is my first real dive into html/css so i'm always learning etc etc. the site is currently best on PC but i'll be doing my best to make it look nice and functional on smaller screens as well.

site roadmap: game-related and media talk pages will probably come soon. all the arknights graphics around the site at the moment (except the background) will be replaced with self-made ones. art and oc pages, along with a little surprise, will come... whenever i feel like it, since they'll require different css.

to-do soon: about page, change chatbox into a popup window and figure out what to put in the right sidebar once it's gone, make scrollbars more easy to discern + fix updatebox scrollbar onclick

to-do eventually: better mobile layout, better fix for footer/container discrepancy, better sidebar scroll prevention, better right sidebar, figure out an intro to the site that isn't an arknights quote

gonna try to get to a point where i won't need the to-do-soon list or the roadmap anymore. it's kinda crowded up here

recent updates

08.04.22 . styled links, set up main iframe, created a proper home page, put scrollbars back in. i should probably log updates less often but it feels good filling this box.

07.30.2022 . improved windowed format. looks like i'll need a separate mobile format. war (flexible web design) is hell

07.24.2022 . added fonts, fixed navbar, added more placeholder graphics, poofed scrollbars, added chatbox. war (adding images) is hell

07.23.2022 . got motivated to pick up the site again since drawing isn't enjoyable lately. the 3-column layout is now a reality. today i also got off my ass and downloaded a code editor, now everything is much less painful.

05.30.2022 . created site and set up a basic header-content-footer format. it looks alright on mobile so i consider this a W #webdesign