portrait of an internet stranger

Short: Chinese American they/them lesbian, legally a young adult. If you need a name you can call me Even or Era.

Now for the superfluous stuff. I love food. I like drawing, writing dialogue, and listening to all kinds of music. I'm partial towards rock, specifically post rock & alt rock. I am probably one of the most assimilated Chinese people you'll ever meet. I'm lactose intolerant. I like spring & winter. I'm under 5'5 (165cm) and really mad about it.

I love masculine women and their absence from both my real life and my ~8 years online has made me kind of incredibly insane.

I like movies, especially heist genre, but I'm willing to watch anything remotely interesting. Generally, media-wise, I mostly interact with completed stuff that takes < 4 hours to get through. (12 if it's a video game.) Mobile games are the glaring exception.

I love original characters. I think everyone could use the experience of making up a guy and building a world for them.

I made this website because it feels weird trying to talk at length on other text-based social media. Tumblr and Cohost are too empty for me, Twitter's too fleeting, Discord is best for personal exchanges, all of them lack personalization... and I could use a break from trying to balance mutual/follower interactions with my fluctuating social battery, so here I am.

[I'll add a link here to fun stuff like blinkies and personality tests another day.]

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